Anima Mundi

Anima Mundi with Vita Litvak and Amanda Sauer

Flashpoint Gallery, Washington DC

February, 20082008


Eager Teenager Borealis

Jar of grapefruit slices/pickles, lights, stumped gnawed on by beaver/s, fake plant that

arrived with a flood, vintage postcard, looping video ‘fireworks- grand finale-shock and

awe’ on TV and DVD player with wood veneer shelf liner, kudzu c-print framed.

Lover, You Make Me See Stars


drawing of mother and alien child watching the stars, pulmosa feather fern to tickle your

ear, vintage owl print, large cyanotype printed on both sides of twill, black lights,

pedestal, young mother spider plant from Vita, stump from ‘free wood’ pile, pre-teen

spider plant from Amanda, ‘no me olvides/ do not forget me’ potion, mirror, “root

cellar/underground church at the River Farm” giclee print from Polaroid original,

Polaroid of Gabrielli at Monticello greenhouse, circular cyanotype of appropriated

imagery of an1833 meteor shower.

May the Sun Shine Gently on You

‘Bounce’ and ‘Reveal’, two framed 8x12 c-prints, dog food bag that blew into my yard,

stretched, with plastic plant.

Arley & Lucille


‘fireworks- lace, doilies and sparkles’ video on TV/DVD player with photographic

reflecting tape appliqué, spider plant received as gift for Valentines Day, portraits of

dogs, piggy Chia pet with sprouting chia seed- alive, then dead.

materials list

mami y papi or in high recognition of the mala madre and the ghetto palm, cyanotype photographs, wood, lights, mala madre (spider) and palm plants, glass. 2008 
additional detail views below

Transitos Alternos : NYC- GDL

Artistas de Leonard Codex en el Ex-Convento del Carmen

Guadalajara, Mexico, 2008

‘ghetto palm preaches to the birds’



Nellie Appleby and  Michael Lease

at the Saville Gallery in Cumberland Maryland, 2009

‘you’, cyanotype and plant.